Hotline Fridge Magnet Printing

usage fridge magnet

What’s more important to have your existing loyal customers and your  future customers keep your hotline /careline and never lost it anymore?

Have your hotline stick it up forever!

careline fridge magnethotline fridge magnet

What is more important than when your customers needed you, your hotline / careline and contact is there always at the most familiar place without going wrong anymore, especially when come to urgent moment, or referral to friends and families moment.

Have your contact stick it on!

Have your careline stick it on!

Have your company always be there with your customer and stick your brand on!

Who should use this as their marketing tools:

  • Banks
  • Government departments
  • Hospital
  • F&B for reservation and delivery
  • Property developer
  • Agents: insurance, property, direct selling etc
  • Online business : website address
  • Services: plumber, renovation etc
  • Delivery services: gas etc
  • Door to door services: pet control etc
  • Education
  • Doctor / Dentist / Clinic etc
  • Beauty line
  • Franchise business
  • Retail businesses
  • … many many more

You may want to check out if you want a more premium fridge magnet == > 4M Thickness fridge magnet to be your hotline magnets

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