Fridge Magnet Clip​

fridge magnet with clip


Fridge Magnet is just not as what you think as ordinary fridge magnet. It is not only can be turn into an advertising tool that help you boost sales with ordinary fridge magnet printing and special shaped magnets, by adding a clip on it can turn and twist your advertising into more valuable advertising gifts that make it stick always on your clients fridge door & CPU.


Fridge Magnet with Clip




 Standard Fridge Magnet with Clip sizes: 

standard size fridge magnet clipThin Fridge Magnet with Clip

custom magnetic clip custom fridge magnet with clip

Looking for 4M Thickness Magnetic Clip… we got it all

Thickness thick magnetic clip

Thick Fridge Magnet Clip Thick Fridge Magnet with Clip

Fridge Magnet ClipFridge Magnet Clip Thick


Give us your size, your quantity and tell us whether you want the normal or thick fridge magnet with clip, we will quote you the best pricing.


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