Calendar Fridge Magnet

Magnetic Calendar make you stick in front of your customers all year long!

MK Magnet Calendar Fridge Magnet is one of the most cost efficiency, marketing and advertising effectiveness products that work all year round. It stick right in front of your customer all year long, and create the effect of “top of mind awareness”.

MK Magnet Standard Sizes for Calendar Fridge Magnet:

Magnetic Calendar

Standard and Most Popular Magnetic Calendar Sizes:

85mm x 85mm (Small Calendar Size)
85mm x 145mm (Invitation Calendar Size)
95mm x 138mm (A6 Size)
138mm x 200mm (A5 Size)


magnetic calendarSize: 138mm x 200mm (A5 Size)

Calendar Fridge Magnet Size: 95mm x 138mm (A6 Size)

Magnetic CalendarSize: 85mm x 85mm

If you need in custom size and quantity, please feel to send in your quotation


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Advertising Magnet with Calendar Art Card – separate the calendar with your advertising magnet to avoid after the year and your client remove your calendar yet still able to have your advertising magnet stick it on.

Calendar Advertising Magnet

 Tear-off calendar magnet 

Tear away Calendar fridge magnet

Calendar magnet with Whiteboard Thick Fridge Magnet

thick calendar & notepad magnet

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